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1. Treasure Attic DVD: Fantastic Journey/Forever Friend/Christmas Friends
2. Treasure Attic DVD: Let's Have Fun / Little Creatures
3. Treasure Attic DVD: Sweet Dreams / Story Time
4. Treasure Attic DVD: Fit to win / Learning is Fun
5. Treasure Attic DVD: Barks 'n' Sparks / Fantastic Friends

Treasure Attic DVD: Sweet Dreams / Story Time

Treasure Attic DVD: Sweet Dreams / Story TimeSweet Dreams / Story time
-2 shows from the Treasure Attic series

Featuring lively music, meaningful songs, and delightful stories that make learning fun. Life skills are made fascinating and easy to grasp for young viewers. Focus values include: health habits, safety awareness, problem solving, social skills, manners, consideration, getting along with others, and much more.

SWEET DREAMS: Snuggle up to the story of Twinky, the Little Star, in a tale of how he thought he was not a useful celestial sparkle; yet when a fisherman is caught in a storm, Twinky’s glittering light helps rescue him from ruin. A winsome character whispers, "My Name is Night Time," in a comforting song to slumber by. Beautifully filmed in serene surroundings, Sweet Dreams sets the tone for peaceful naps and bedtimes.

STORY TIME: Uncle Jim, Peepers and Bunny Bigword sing "In the Ocean," a melody about maritime marvels. Learn how three oysters transform grains of sand into sparkling surprises. But something’s bothering Peepers, Uncle Jim encourages him to get it off his chest with "Talk About It." The "Smallest Loaf" tells of a young girl’s decision to choose the least, preferring others, only to find she is greatly rewarded for it.

For Ages: 2-8 years / Duration: 60 minutes / Type: Multi Regional DVD


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