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The Rise and Fall of the Antichrist

The Rise and Fall of the AntichristThe Rise and Fall of the Antichrist
-from the Endtime series

The events covered in The Rise and Fall of the Antichrist have already been recorded in celestial annals, but have yet to occur on Earth. They involve the inevitable rise of the man who would rule the world, and his spectacular fall at Armageddon.

This mysterious master of evil--whom the Bible calls the Antichrist, the Beast, the Evil One, the Man of Sin, and the Son of Hell--will rise to power by peace, and by intrigue and clever deceit. He will solve some of the world's most pressing military, political, and economic problems, and will broker a remarkable pact between the major conflicting powers and religions of the world. But this will come at a price, which will be compliance with his world government, resulting in the abolishment of personal rights, freedoms, and religious liberty.

The events detailed in this book are imminent. They are of great concern to everyone, including you and those you care about!


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Weight 0.12 Kg
Format Bound softback 165pgs
Dimensions 11cm x 18cm
ISBN 9783037301913
Price: £3.50 (€ 4.38)



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